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Get rid of the sad story of a “Starving Artist”!  Close the knowledge gaps, remove confusion about tools, feel welcomed and understood, and get focused and supported.

Being the creative lone wolf is good at times but it is not enough when we want to grow. Without the connection and support of people who understand the challenges and offer encouragement, many silk painters give up on their dreams.

Success is never guaranteed and it never will be easy. But the probability to gain the knowledge and encouragement needed for building a source of income from your creative time is higher in a group of like-minded people who are sharing the same goal.

Introducing SILK Pro


SILK Pro is our private community of silk painters who are success-oriented aspiring entrepreneurs driven by creativity, committed to their professional growth, willing to learn and do the work, and eager to step on the path leading to building their creative freedom and successful lifestyle on their own terms.


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